Charis Wightman on Writing ‘The Girl from Saikea’

Author, English teacher, and Master of Creative Writing Charis Wightman recently published her first novel, The Girl from Saikea on Amazon. The story deals with sensitive themes like totalitarianism, politics, and human rights. Protagonist Mai's struggle for freedom and a sense of identity outside the confines of Saikea (her home country ruled with an iron... Continue Reading →

Robert Nelson Talks Mother Tongue Other Tongue

Today we speak to MA Creative Writing graduate and School Liaison Assistant Robert Nelson from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Read on to learn about the prize-winning Mother Tongue, Other Tongue poetry project, the importance of Creative Writing in today's world, and Robert's own writing interests. Follow him on Instagram: @infinitelyrobert. Tell us about the Mother... Continue Reading →

Steve Hollyman Talks the Writing Life

Who would ever want to be a writer? It's a poorly paid profession, near-impossible to get your foot in the door, and has been known to drive would-be Hemingways to drink and despair – including, sadly, the man himself. But rather than squirreling away to your local coffee shop to bleed all over your typewriter,... Continue Reading →

Q/A with James Ellson, author of ‘The Trail’

Crime writer and veteran detective James Ellson recently published his debut novel The Trail, a continent-hopping mystery thriller about detective Rick Castle who follows a kidnapping case from Manchester to Nepal. While offering readers an intelligent and exciting plot, Ellson also provides plenty of insight into real police work and authentic procedural techniques. Today, he... Continue Reading →

Interview with Fantasy Writer Isabella Hunter

What does the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China last November mean for the writing world? Is this the end of capitalism as we know it? Can we look forward to a violent socialist revolution? Will e-book sales fly through the roof? The pandemic is bound to take a toll on what has always been an... Continue Reading →

Q/A with Fantasy Author A J Dalton

What are the most important things to consider when seeking an agent? First, it’s good to ascertain if they’re susceptible to bribery. Or flattery, a drink or two, or whatever. If none of that works, then you’ll have to rely on the strength of your submission to them. You’ll need a compelling 50-word pitch for... Continue Reading →

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