Poetry Excerpts: ‘Hymn to Equity’ by Aria Ligi 2/2

Aria Ligi is Senior Poetry Editor at October Hill Magazine. Hymn to Equity is a lyrical yet modern collection that re-imagines Wordsworth in new contexts. Ligi skillfully explores many pertinent themes in her writing, particularly the oppression of women and destruction of the natural world. Read the previous excerpts from Hymn to Equity here.

Her work has been published in numerous magazines, chapbooks, and anthologies including Light MagazineOctober Hill MagazineThe Australian Times and the Vermillion Literary Project. Aria’s latest book Hammer of God, published by Poetic Justice, is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other retailers.

Check back soon to read more of Aria’s work, and be sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn

Further Excerpts from Hymn to Equity

By Aria Ligi

Rebellion Toll

Like little spaces on a fret
The bow curves back
The arrow dispatched.

What of the seeds set to sail
Tiny plantlets
Lives of the felled.

In the play for the derailment
Stage of the Republic Establishment8
What is done, is done the swell will subside ~The ship abide;

Midst roars unleashed
Angst mashed
Lion’s teeth

Clamping on bones
Rank primogeniture blue boned
Nobles oblige ensconced within withered immortality

Whereso’er circlets crafted in cunning gilt encircle throats
From conception, the denouement~
To the craven crushing finality
The mob seeking liberation through brutality.

Do they bow in abeyance or adjourn;
To the newly enfranchised
Where finally the lands circumscribed ~
Out of hands and blood rends the lies of hereditary lines.

Hymn to Equity

Between blood and pen, Lives- men
Oh, equity that oft sought wight
Scintillating singing thru prophetic colloquies

Verse that stately choir
Equity, she sits atop a spire
Shifting, tottering on the saber’s nip

Daring to bisect us if we move.
Oh, dainty heavenly, moral affectation
Let us not fall into the ether thru abominations.9


Her simple sleeve arches and eaves 10

Give and gather into one long, wispy veil

O’ happy declination!

O’ simple protestation!

To the altar where love and longing are the final declaration.

La Petite Maison

Brother, sister

Friend and daughter 11

Mes enfants but to society bâtarde
Wayward wife
The tears I shed for our paradise.

Our petite maison
Unearthly dream
In that cloistered sanctum, we would be one.
Not a grand façade
But unification in thought and breath.

Laiche Laid

Oh, dubious dubbed ones how you bend and obey
Into this the foray
Where oaths meant to open the gates of liberty
Bitter imbibed wine that sits upon the tongue too long

Its sour deliberate taste emitting a blood tinged dew;
Oh, how the ranks turn and connive
From a sober and fortified foundation to raucous inebriation
Where lives and lies rot on the vine

And liberty’s bells toll and toll
Promising with invectives
Whilst they cattle-chattel swing and pray
Rope bound round necks and the little heifer-

Whose ribs waste their whey Utters sag dripless sacs
More burthen now than sustenance laid.


8 An allusion to the French Revolution. William was, in the beginning, much enamored with the ideals that it represented.

9 His fear that the revolution would devolve into chaos and terror.

10 Annette Vallon was the first woman William loved. She was French and he met her in Calais during his undergraduate years. While they were committed to one another, Annette believed in the counter-revolutionary movement, while William preferred the Republican (revolutionary and radical) movement. There is some suspicion that she may have used him to get information on the revolutionaries.

11 This is actually written in Annette’s voice about her dream that she, William, their infant daughter, and William’s sister Dorothy could live together in a kind of paradise. By this time, Annette had begun corresponding with Dorothy through letters.

Cover image: Summer Idyll (1860) by Sanford Robinson Gifford.

Copyright © ‘Hymn to Equity’ Aria Ligi 2020

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