Flash Fiction: ‘Chalk’ by Andrew Slinde

People just… disappear[…]

Bret Easton Ellis

Andrew Slinde is a screenwriter, novelist, and general purveyor of strange fiction. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa and cohabitates with three apex predators. Follow him on Twitter @AndrewSlinde


by Andrew Slinde


There was a chalk mark on my door. Nothing special, just an X.

Who put it there?


More chalk marks on more doors.

The downstairs neighbor said that his was first.


I got curious tonight, so I went around and counted chalk marks.

They seem to be random.


I came across an ad today for my apartment complex. Move-in specials.

I thought the building was full.


I haven’t seen my downstairs neighbor since Tuesday.

The mail is piling up outside his door.


I don’t see many of my neighbors anymore, or hear them come in.

I wish I knew where they’d gone. The chalk marks still remain.


I finally know what the chalk mark means.



Header image from Pixabay.

Copyright © ‘Chalk’ Andrew Slinde 2020

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